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Dental Hygienist

Our fantastic and gentle hygienist, Nicole, is passionate about working with our clients and the dental team to prevent and treat various gum problems. Dental clinicians call these periodontal disorders. They are inherited disturbances in the body’s autoimmune system that lead to loss of the gum and bone that supports the teeth.

The genetic component of gum disease is the body’s exaggerated response, in some people, to the presence of the dental plaque bacteria. Therefore, the key to successful treatment is the elimination of these inflammation causing bacteria.

Gum disorders affect 15-40 per cent of the population in one form or another. These bacterial infections may be transferred between family members and may be triggered by various factors including smoking, stress and diabetes.

Patients with periodontal disease have a 24% increased risk of Coronary Heart Disease and this is twice as likely to prove ultimately fatal. Patients with aggressive periodontitis are also three times more likely to suffer from strokes.

At SmileWorks we carefully assess all our clients prior to any type of care for this destructive problem as its early and careful diagnosis is the key to the success of all our treatment options, maintaining healthy teeth and keeping a great lifelong smile.

SmileWorks uses special dental computer software to do a risk assessment on our clients. This helps to motivate and educate those susceptible and  shows them how their disease scores, with compliance, reduce after treatment.

Patients with gum related problems are often free from noticeable symptoms, but maybe they will notice the gums bleeding, either spontaneously or after brushing or flossing. The gums may occasionally be tender or visibly swollen and/or discoloured. If untreated the receding gums will result in a long appearance of the teeth, increased spacing and a pus discharge from between the loosening teeth.

The clinical diagnosis of periodontitis requires evaluation by a trained dental examiner who will carefully assess the gums and take careful measurements and x-ray pictures to assess bone loss and the progression of an individual patient’s problem.

Where indicated we’ll advise our clients of the need for smoking cessation and the control of conditions such as diabetes as well as correcting factors that may make the situation worse, for example poor fillings and badly designed and executed crowns, bridges and dentures.

Periodontal diseases are caused by mixed infections and patients who do not respond to the initial treatment from their dentist and dental hygienist team may require special antibiotic and thorough full mouth disinfection therapies.

If you have any concerns about your gums and fear tooth loss or would like advice or to arrange a preventive appointment with SmileWorks Dental Hygienist, please call 01273 964999.

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